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All good things must come to an end.
But Tennessee Presents Textiles was a blast.
Check it out.

Power of the Pocket (2010)

A pocket is a container of things.
It can conceal and protect,
Be invisible or a showcase,
Offer security and warmth.
How does your pocket empower you?

Rachel Clark, quilt artist, was a guest presenter at the Tennessee Presents Textiles Wearable Art Style Show
November 13, 2010

Borders and Boundaries (2008)

Tennessee Does Textiles
Saturday, November 8, 2008
Athens Arts Center

Gallery Walk
Friday, November 7, 2008
Scott Street
Tellico Plains, TN

Borders. Boundaries. Edges. Margins. The rim, the brink, the fringe.
That line between fashion and function, expression and experience, hoops and hoopla.
Explore the frontier, expand your fiber limits, experience Tennessee Does Textiles.

Traditions Transformed: A Coming Out Party (2007)

Tennessee Does Textiles
November 10, 2007
Athens Arts Center
Athens, TN

Monroe Area Council for the Arts
Tennessee Arts Commission
Century 21 Hendershot Realty

Mary Lou Scohier, jacket
Linda Jarrett scarf

Jean Volrath, vest
Annie Sherrill, scarf
Dinah Rose, purse

Liz Spear and Neal Howard coat

Dianne Totten jacket

Pattarawan Satthapong

Children's clothes by Julia Reedy

Shereen Franklin ruana

Judith Krone

Nina Tie

Veronica Ortega, vest


Spice It Up (2006)

Friday, November 10, 2006
Shops and Galleries on Scott Street, Tellico Plains, TN
Saturday, November 11, 2006
Athens Arts Center, 320 N. White Street, Athens, TN

Food Fashion Fun

Friday Gallery Crawl

The windows of Tellico Plains never looked better.

Saturday runway show

Some of our artists on stage.
Bob Hardin and Hilarie Burke

Felted vest and bag by Linda Jarrett

Heart Beet shawl by Judith Krone

Children's clothes by Ann Doherty

Spicy Stories

Leather Cape by Bob Hardin

Celebration Coat by Liz Spear

Scarves by Geri Forkner
Bag by Hilarie Burke, Jacket by Christine Stanton,
Shawl by Lynn Nicherson

Coat by Christine Stanton

Coat by Chrisitne Stanton

Coat by Judi Gaston
Triangle Shawl and Mobius by Shereen Fraknlin

Judith Krone
Lynn Nickerson

Dianne Totten, bag by Dinah Rose
Judith Krone
Chrisitne Stanton

Aprons with Attitude (2005)

Friday, November 11, 2005
Bistro by the River
Cherohala Skyway, Tellico Plains, TN

Monroe Area Council for the Arts
Tennessee Arts Commission
Tellico Plains Chamber of Commerce
Century 21 Hendershot Reality

Using aprons as a metaphor for women’s work, a juried show of aprons will be displayed at
Weaving Arts Studio, Margaret’s Yarns Down Under in Monroe, GA, and the Athens Arts Center in Athens, TN.

Three selected pieces will be modeled and many will be for sale. A percentage of sales
from this art show will benefit the Women’s Wellness and Maternity Center in
Madisonville, TN, and proceeds of the event will benefit the arts through the
Monroe Area Council for the Arts. This is a Surface Design Association sponsored event.

Aprons With Attitude

Apron Stories interpreted by
Circle Modern Dance

Never Done by
Janet Yost

Imprisonment by
Emily White

Rust Never Sleeps by
April Marie Hale

Felt hat "Pungency" by
Lisa Klakulak
Ocean Ripple Cape by
Sarah Simpson

Dee VanAsdale's apron

Garments by fashion design sutdents from
Rangsit University,
Bangkok, Thailand

Vest and scarf by
Christine Stanton

Poncho by Ann Doherty
Purse by Amber Williams

Child's coat and hat by Ann Doherty

Friday, November 12, 2004

For Hazel …
on the occasion of her first public performance…
The Twelfth of November, Two Thousand Four A.D.

First there was Eve, weaving her leaves…then the daughters of Eve covering their bodies with animal skins….
admiring each others’ efforts to make each garment more beautiful….
learning to spin hair and wool and plants into fibers…learning to weave plastic into clothing….
wearing silk and cotton and linen and nylon and spandex. Teaching their daughters and granddaughters.
Hazel, you are the future. When you are my age, you may be clothing your body in woven colored lights and perfumed gasses…
you may be wearing clothing that’s alive and lives on your body in symbiotic harmony….
pet tee shirts who eat dead skin. The world you will live in is unknown to us today but for sure,
women will be weaving the way they always have…
weaving materials into clothing and weaving words into rhymes and weaving the world together,
working to weave “Peace On Earth”….
the way they always have.

Here is a nursery rhyme for you that was given to me by my grandmother. You may pass it on.

“There was an old woman
tossed up in a basket…
Nineteen times as high as the moon.
And where she was going
I could not but ask it.
For in her hand she carried a broom.
“Old woman. Old woman. Old woman,” said I.
“Oh, whither, Oh, wither, Oh, whither so high?”
“To sweep the cobwebs out of the sky.”
“May I go with you?”
“Aye…. bye and bye.”

Dee VanAsdale, artist, author, model

Pictures from 2003 Show

Monday, November 10, 2003 was a unique day for Tellico Plains.

Artists specializing in clothing, jewelry, herbs, flowers, and gourmet food have combined their talents
to present the first annual Wearable Art Fashion Show and Luncheon. Local chefs and herbal experts
worked together to prepare a gourmet luncheon. Award winning fiber artists from Tennessee and
Atlanta created one-of-a-kind garments, scarves, hats, bags, and jewelry that will make individuals
stand out from the crowd.

Jacket by fiber artist
Christine Stanton

Scarves by fiber artist
Geri Forkner

Featured Necklace by
Elisabeth Baerreis

Featured Fiber Art by
Lisa Klakulak

Cathy's Tellico Mules

Bob Hardin's Leather Coat

Ajeet and Bob

Modeling Christine Stanton's
woven vest and felted hat

Red Coat by Linda Jarrett