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I went to Jombung village, south of Bangkok, with Dean Pisprapai Sarasalin of Rangsit University. She was working with the local villagers to use traditional patterns in a more contemporary way to appeal to a broader market. Looms at the first home were two harness. The extra pattern harnesses were not attached overhead and left loose on the back of the warp. They were raised by hand and a shed stick inserted before throwing the pattern shot. Women at the second home/factory were doing a very traditional inlay weaving that is used as a skirt boarder. There is a cartoon for this weaving and the threads are laid in meticulously.

Purchased warp

Two harness loom with extra pattern heddles

Weaving in

Finished cloth

Inlay weaving

Finished pieces, silk inlay on cotton

Results of Dean Pisprapai's work with villagers